Welcome To The Writing Garden!


This is a place for discovering poetry, short stories, creative writing, articles of interest and spoken word from writers you may not know about.  The aim is to share the best quality of writing and show where those writers can be found.


I started this magazine because there are many talented writers online I feel a lot of literary magazines would probably ignore – writers who often don’t have a prestigious biography to accompany their work, or writers who choose to only be known by their profile name but nevertheless still have great talent.  I don’t believe anyone should be excluded from a literary magazine or those publications need to appear so elite.


This magazine is not about highlighting all the places a writer has been published before.  It’s more like this, “Look at this beautiful writing!  If you want to discover more from this writer, click their links and enjoy!”


It’s a place for all writers, regardless of education, occupation, popularity, or how many books have been written.  It matters not if what is written has been previously published on a website for writers or a blog.  I don’t want to know about biographies, I only require a link to where the written work is posted.


Please see Submissions if you are interested in the possibility of having your work published in this magazine.


If you are wondering who I am and where I write, take a look at the about page on my website



4 comments on “🌱About

    • You’re so welcome Anita, your writing fits in it perfectly here, very pleased to share it! And yes, there were some great pieces of poetry. I’m always amazed at what I find. There never seems to be no end to the talent out there – it amazes me!! 🙂

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